Septic system design

Selecting the treatment unit to fit your property and project’s budget through experience from a wide-array of manufacturers!

All types of effluents

Kellogg Consulting designs sewage systems for all types of effluents, including: septic tank and fields, filter beds, tertiary treatment units and systems for difficult effluent like abattoirs and milk houses.

All unit sizes

Kellogg Consulting designs sewage systems of all sizes of properties, from: single family residences to large MOE (Ministry of Environment Approvals) and communal wastewater treatment facilities.

Why choose Kellogg Consulting?

The completed design includes a detailed technical report along with scaled drawings.

Ownership of the design and approvals is important to allow your choice of a contractor or to install the unit yourself.

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Create an invisible sewage system

The property for the future sewage system is professionally surveyed by Kellogg Consulting to obtain accurate grades for scaled drawings. All efforts are undertaken to create an invisible sewage system.

Building approvals and permits

Kellogg Consulting works with local authorities, such as the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change to obtain environmental approval and building permits for your future sewage system.